Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fiber for Intrusion Detection

Working on a project that includes intrusion detection along a fence perimeter. Fiber Sensys uses multimode fiber installed onto the fence as a media to sense vibrations at various levels.

FiberSensys uses a single strand of multimode sensing fiber installed onto the fence as a designated “Zone” (up to 25 zones with the FD525). This single strand is fusion spliced onto a fiber trunk (singlemode or multimode - doesn't matter) and then must be terminated using either ST/APC, SC/APC or LC/APC connectors (color coded green) at the patch panel. APC jumpers connect from the fiber patch panel to the Fiber Sensys fiber splitter and then connected via a single SC/APC jumper into the FD 525 Fiber Sensys Alarm Processing Unit (APU) which will include an I/O module to be wired into an alarm system and VMS system via I/O interfaces.

The moment someone tries to climb the fence, configured PTZ cameras in that area turn to that zone's preset and begins recording and auto tracking. Slick!

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