Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Public High School CCTV Case Study

Provided the evaluation, design and implementation of a physically security system that provided security personnel and school administrators, along with a centralized school security office, with two primary requirements: 1) Facial identification at 30-40 feet, and
2) Near 100% corridor coverage.

Historically, they were able to see a person-of-interest, but not be able to recognize them due to the limited resolution and frame rates of the existing cameras and limitation of the video management system software. I provided an evaluation and design, using megapixel cameras and increased coverage, along with video management system configuration that dramatically increased the effectiveness and efficiency of the physical security system. The success of the implementation lead to the integration into 14 more schools.

Real world statistics of the effectiveness and efficiencies include:

  • 79 percent decrease in arrests (over 140 in 2009)
  • 59 percent drop in misconduct reports
  • Reduced onsite Police officers
  • Identification and arrest of burglary suspects
  • From July to November 2011, 16 arrests saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets
  • Increased test scores
  • 67% reduction in index crimes
  • Six percent increase in attendance
  • Video analysis reduced from 8+ hours to minutes
  • False Fire Alarms from eight per year to zero

When is a tree, not a tree - but a thief!

Caught on camera!